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Project Description
A PowerShell Module that helps with PeopleSoft server management.

It would be great if PeopleSoft released a PowerShell module that would natively interact with its component pieces. Unfortunately, the best we have is psadmin.exe.

In an attempt to slowly integrate the wonders of PowerShell with PeopleSoft, I have created a PowerShell module which provides the same functionality as psadmin.exe, and a little bit more. Most of this is accomplished through calls to psadmin.exe, but the PowerShell module makes interacting with the command line interface much simpler.

The PeopleSoft PowerShell Module can:
  • Start and stop any application server, process scheduler, web server, or search server domains
  • List the status of a particular domain
  • Create or import a domain configuration.
  • Re-configure a domain
  • Read and set values from a domain configuration file
And much more!

This module is still a work in progress. I have tried my best to make it as complete as possible, but there are improvements I would like to make.

If you think this module might be useful, I would encourage you to give it a try in your development environment first. Get comfortable with it, make sure it will fit your environment, and make sure you understand what you can do with it. The module was written to be compatible with the 8.53 PeopleTools, but will likely be compatible with many other versions as well.

If you encounter any problems, I welcome your feedback. Please comment below or send me an email.

If you find this module useful, I would also appreciate hearing from you.

Hopefully this module will bring us one step closer to a more PowerShell-friendly PeopleSoft!

See for more information.

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